QCDIY was founded in December 2008 by V-Trust Inspection Service (www.v-trust.com), which is a leading third party inspection company in China with over 1600 man-days inspection per month.


From our years of working in the inspection business in China, we observe the following problems that buyers have when importing from China.


Many buyers do not use any third party QC service because of its high cost. We hope QCDIY will be the solution for this problem and helping buyers get better assurance from the suppliers at no cost.


Due to poor English skills leading to poor communication, suppliers have not been sending the quality of goods that buyers require. Our online support system, checklists and bilingual interface will aid communication, quickly improving their performances.


Also some companies have their own QC team in China, but keeping records, having professional reports and communication problems keep limiting the effectiveness of QC personnel. QCDIY provides simple but professional templates, archiving of reports, a bilingual dictionary and instant emailing of the reports to help your QC team become more effective and professional.


Trust your supplier in the smart way. You will save money and lower your risk more than you expect. QCDIY can help you do this job easily and professionally.