1. What does QCDIY offer?


QCDIY is the No. 1 online platform for self inspection. We advocate that the suppliers check the quality themselves, submitting the professional reports with photos and self declarations to the buyers. This will increase the buyers’ confidence in the suppliers while reducing transaction costs.

You should not solely rely on 3rd party inspectors to improve the quality.  The way buyers and suppliers handle in house quality controls and communicate with each other is more important in the long run. QCDIY will help manufacturers adhere to the buyers’ requirements more closely, with self-inspecting, reporting and during production adjustments.  Problems and difficulties in the cooperation include, 

 The buyers are not familiar with the general quality problems of the products they are importing, and thus could not specify the inspection requirement in advance.

 Suppliers are familiar with the production process, but do not understand the international market’s quality requirements.

 Suppliers do not know much about the internationally-recognized testing method or standards.

 Suppliers have their own QC personnel. However, these technicians are specialized in quality check only. They do not know well how to present the inspection result effectively in an English report.

 Suppliers’ lack the English skills to effectively communicate with the buyers by the reports.

QCDIY provides the solutions that enable the buyers and suppliers to improve QC management while communicating more effectively and conveniently.


2. What are the advantages of QCDIY compared with 3rd party inspection?


 Pioneering concept

Different from 3rd party inspection, QCDIY is suggesting a more thorough quality control management model. We believe that as the producer (1st party), the supplier’s awareness, level of the involvement and understanding about the buyer (2nd party)’s quality requirement is the most important factor that can help improve the quality level. QCDIY is dedicated to establishing convenient management platform and providing technical supports to the 1st and 2nd party’s quality control.

 Low cost

Timely quality control is very important; we cannot let it hang back in the face of high cost. In QCDIY platform, it is free for the buyers to receive the inspection reports.  And sending a report costs only $1, which compared to $200-$300 per inspection, is negligible. This low cost simple way encourages the suppliers and buyers to communicate with each other, helping to detect problems early and solve them quickly and satisfactorily.


3. Does QCDIY only apply to factories and overseas buyer?


Actually, there are buyers, sellers, 3rd party inspectors, trading agents and buying office’s QC, and shipping agents that are using QCDIY. (Check out the graph below).

QCDIY’S safe and convenient online operating system allows customers to get results in one simple step. QCDIY enables the client to manage their own QC system anytime anywhere, eliminating other expenses incurred using self-developed system.


4. What products can QCDIY be used for?


QCDIY technical knowledge database currently has more than two thousand practical examples covering a variety of products including, toys, daily necessities, gifts, electronics and textiles. No matter what goods you’re buying from China, you can find professional technical support on QCDIY. Our reports cover the entire inspection process, from the first sample to during production inspection to pre-shipment inspection to container loading supervision.


5. Is the supplier’s self-declaration valid?


With QCDIY, the self declaration is backed up with photographic evidence and detailed records.

The buyer can send an inspection instruction letter via QCDIY to specify the data or information required to be included in the report. QCDIY’s instruction letter lists the general check items of different production categories, and the buyers could select from them conveniently. The supplier will follow this instruction to finish the inspection and reporting, and then submit a valid self-declaration.

Some buyers choose to include QCDIY’s report and declaration in the required document list for L/C negotiation.


6. What is the charge for reviewing QCDIY report?


Receiving and reviewing reports from QCDIY is free. There is no charge for making a report and only a minimum fee of $1 for sending the report to up to 5 people at once.


7. Can I download the reports for future record and review?


In addition to edit and review all reports online, you can also export or download them for easy archiving and offline reading. If you choose to use QCDIY as your viewing platform, you can edit photos, make document changes, replace the report logo and many other functions.


8. Can I edit the photos after inserting them into the report?


QCDIY has advanced online photo editing. In addition to being able to upload a large number of images quickly and insert the photos into the report, you also have editing tools at your fingertips. Moving the photos, zooming, cropping, adding arrows for indicating problem areas, renaming photos and changing photo order are some of the tools that will be available to you. Because QCDIY provides these convenient tools you will no longer have to individually edit and upload each photo saving valuable time for each report.


9. Is the report recipient required to open a QCDIY account?


Receiving and reviewing reports from QCDIY do not require the opening of an account. When sending the report the sender will be able to deliver the report to a registered user or email it directly to a recipient.

However, you could use the function of instant feedback and communicating with the sending, editing or forwarding the report with a registered account. The registration and signing in is free.


10. How could I inform the supplier of inspection requirements?


We suggest that the buyer sends a letter of instruction to the supplier indicating the details they would like to be included in the inspection. QCDIY instruction listed the routine check items for different product categories. The buyer can select from the list and tell the supplier ahead of them what problems to be looking for and specify the information and photo they would like to be included in the report. In only 1 minute, the buyer can prepare a detailed instruction letter. Sending instruction via QCDIY is does not require a registered account.


11. What is inspection dictionary?


The inspection dictionary is designed for use by non-native English speakers or even non-English speakers. You no longer have to hassle with trying to understand poor English or deal with constant misunderstanding, any Chinese speaker should be able to use this bilingual tool to make professional English reports. There are common inspection terms that are now easily accessible to anyone buy using QCDIY.


12. What is the checklist?


QCDIY checklists include complete inspection lists and testing methods for a large variety of goods. In addition to doing a basic visual inspection, the user can refer to our checklists to perform an in-depth examination of the products functions and performance.

QCDIY’s current checklists are made up of over 2000 items, and it is being updated ever day. Our database has two parts,

a. Common industry standards for international inspections.
b. The user can also choose from checklists that other users added to QCDIY’s database.


13. How can I share my checklists with others?


QCDIY encourages the exchange of experience and advice. When a user takes initiative to share their own checklist, they will receive 3 points after it has been audited and shared with others. When they have 10 points, they can redeem them for a free report sending.


14. Which report template should I use?


QCDIY has three types of templates carting for your different requirements. Below are the contrast table for the templates.

 Simple TemplateStandard TemplateAdvanced Template

Popular among:

Applicable inspection type:

Container loading supervision, During production

inspection Feature:

Simple structure

Popular among:All

Applicable inspection type:All

Feature:Complete function & content

Popular among:

Professional QC
Applicable inspection type:

Sample check, pre-shipment inspection

Feature:Format same as 3rd party inspection service

Checklist function  
Dictionary function
On line picture editing function
Logo changing function
Bilingual interface
Result summary part  
Remark part
Comparison check    
Quantity check  
Workmanship part  
On site test part  
Packing information    
Client’s special requirement    
Self declaration

15. Can I only pay in U.S. dollars? Why is the minimum recharge amount $10?


You could pay in both USD and RMB. Taking into account bank processing fees, QCDIY has decided it is best to allow a minimum recharge of $10 (10 reports can be sent). Compared to paying $200-$300 per report for third party inspections this is a very worthy and reasonable.

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