Registration Agreement

The following are QCDIY's( and conditions. Please strictly adhere to these terms and conditions.

Please read carefully before you register on QCDIY, if you accept these terms and conditions please register and submit to them.

This agreement states the terms and conditions for our membership.
If you have any questions, please contact us .

I.  Membership registration
1. Fees: QCDIY registration is completely free of charge
2. Documents
3. Please provide correct, real and valid personal information. If you submit falsified information, we reserve the right to terminate your membership.
4. If any of your personal information changes please promptly update your membership file.
5. You agree to let QCDIY send you emails with various information at any time.
6. We agree to keep your account and password secure and confidential.
7. Please use your email address as the membership account to login.
8. The member is responsible for the security of their own membership account name and password and all the activities under the membership account name .
9. If a member finds anyone illegally embezzling from their account or posting any threat to website's safety, please inform us as soon as possible.

II. We will disqualified the membership for following conducts:
1. Violating the registration terms and conditions.
2. Providing incorrect personal file information.
3. Member's conducts harm our company's interest.
4. Violation of Chinese laws, regulations and internet-related provisions.
5. Selling and auctioning their membership account, take(trade) the membership account as a commodity.
6. Renting, transferring accounts to other members and other inappropriate behavior.
7. Stealing passwords or defrauding other members to get their account information.
8. Not complying with our policy of cash on delivery.

III. Membership privacy policy
QCDIY attaches great importance to member's privacy, respect for member's personal privacy is the basic policy of our website. The information you use to register on our website and the related information kept by our website are under the protection of Chinese privacy-related law.
1. We agree to keep member's personal information confidential; we also will not edit or reveal member's personal information without express permission from the member
2. We will not make member's personal information public, except for in the following situations:
- The member authorized us to disclose his/her personal information.
- Related law and regulations require us to provide their personal information.
- In case of an emergency, to protect the member's personal wellbeing or public's safety.
- Or if there are important unforeseen reasons.

IV. Intellectual Property Statement
QCDIY network service has the ownership of relevant copyrights, patents, trademarks, business secrets or any other property right on QCDIY's website.
Without the permission of QCDIY, customers or users are not permitted to download, copy, transfer, adapt or edit the information on QCDIY’s website; any perpetrator will bear full legal responsibility.
QCDIY network service has the ownership of any data created from the service process and saved in QCDIY Servers.

V. Disclaimer
QCDIY website technically has the obligation to ensure our sites running properly to avoid service interruption or limit the interruption time. QCDIY ensures that members can make the inspection report smoothly. But we will not be responsible for the following situations:

1. The personal information disclosed by an individual member, such as telling your password to others or sharing the same account with others.
2. Failure to complete the report online and missing information or records due to the crashing of the website by Hackers, virus attacks, temporary shutdown due to government management and other major factors.
3. Any member who provides incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate information leading the inability to use our web's service or to suffering any other losses.